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Here you find some of the most prominent industry appliactions of blockchain technology. Every case is different. Even though an ICO project might use the same blockchain technology as a the implementation of a decentralised identity management, the perfect solution always depends on your existing core systems and process ecosystem. This is why we always follow a four step procedure.

Banking und financial services

Banking & Financial Services

KYC/AML, transactions, payments, messaging and identity management are just a few of the most prominent use cases

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Robust supply chain infrastructure and automated fullfilment processes with blockchain solutions

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Data is key in hospitality: so is a golden source of information and identity management

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Real Estate

From development models with millions of data points to investment trusts - blockchain benefits every model in the industry

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Data storage, design collaboration, provenance and IPR transfer: next-level fashion

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From automotive and aviation to submarine communication systems: distributed solutions cut costs and increase returns

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The status of blockchain readiness by use case:

Instant payments
Cross-border transactions
Real-time clearing & settlement
Trade finance
Transparency & provenance
Corporate banking
Regulation & compliance
Identity management
Data storage
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